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    How Does Housing Supply Affect Property Prices

    The real estate landscape in Singapore is on the cusp of exciting changes, presenting great opportunities […]

    Understanding Home Loan Interest Rates in Singapore

    In the realm of Singapore’s real estate market, the interplay between interest rates and property dynamics […]

    A Comprehensive Guide to Housing Loans in Singapore

    For many individuals and families in Singapore, owning a home is a significant milestone. As property […]

    New Property Cooling Measures (Sep 2022)- Lowered HDB LTV, +0.5% Interest Rate Floor & 15-months Wait-out Period

    30 Sept 2022– Measures to Promote Sustainable Conditions in the Property Market by Ensuring Prudent Borrowing […]

    Navigating the Singapore Property Market: Is Now the Right Time to Buy or Sell?

    The Singapore property market is in a state of flux, influenced by factors such as interest […]

    Increased ABSD Rates to Cool Property Market [Apr 2023]

    On April 27th, 2023, the Singaporean government announced that it would be raising the Additional Buyer’s […]

    Buying New Launch Without Selling HDB? Here’s An Option to Consider.

    For HDB upgraders, new launch condos seem to have the best balance of affordability and potential […]

    Can I Buy Condo Before Selling HDB? Here’s How to Decide.

    For many HDB upgraders, buying a resale condo before (or without) selling their HDB seems like […]

    Calculating Proceeds from HDB Sale (6 Oft-Missed Details)

    If you’re like most Singaporeans, you probably hold most of your net worth in the flat […]

    HDB Resale Payment Timeline: How to Plan Your Cashflow

    If you’re selling and buying a resale HDB at the same time, managing your cashflow is […]

    Selling and Buying HDB At the Same Time (Timeline Planning)

    Selling and buying an HDB flat at the same time can be complicated. Most families upgrading […]

    7 Misconceptions About Bridging Loans for HDB Upgraders

    Bridging loans can be a fast way to get cash for a new property, especially if […]

    FAQs: What To Do When Your Condo TOP Gets Delayed

    Following the continuing TOP delays across the country, there’s been a lot of uncertainty. In HDB’s […]

    7 Newly MOP’ed Executive Condos in Singapore (2022)

    For the sandwiched class, Executive Condos (ECs) are a potentially excellent store of value. If you […]

    The 2022 List of Newly MOP’ed 3 Gen Flats

    Multi-generational flats aren’t a new concept to Singapore. We saw the first ones in the 80’s: […]

    12 Newly MOP’ed 4RM and 5RM HDBs for 2022 (Under 600k)

    This year, 58 BTO’s will be delayed by at least 6 months. That’s on top of […]

    The 2022 Guide to ABSD for Foreigners

    Given its stability and foreigner-friendly tax policies, Singapore has always held an appeal for those looking […]

    11 Freehold Properties Under $800K (Up to 5.66% Rental Yield)

    In the current economic backdrop, all investments feel like a risk. Property in Singapore, on the […]

    Singapore Property Market Outlook 2022: 6 Trends to Watch

    Just as we’re ending the first half of 2022, we’re seeing the highest inflation we’ve seen […]

    The 2022 Guide for Foreigners Buying Property in Singapore

    As the world opens up again, more investors are looking towards the Asia-Pacific for diversification, yield, […]

    Want to Sell Your Condo Fast? Here’s How Top Agents Do It.

    Few transactions are as weighty as selling your property.  The financial implications are large, there are […]

    How to Determine Market Rental Rates for Private Property (2022 Guide)

    March and April saw record-setting rental prices in Singapore. We had headlines like “Condo, HDB rental […]

    How to Buy Resale Private Property in Singapore [2022 Guide]

    Editor’s Note, May 2022: We’ve updated the article to ensure links are still relevant.   With […]

    Extension of Stay HDB: Traps to Avoid to Protect Both Sides

    An extension of stay can help sellers transition to their new homes more smoothly, but many […]

    From HDB to Condo: Can You Get a Dual Key Condo at a Discount?

    16 Dec 2021 marked a fresh round of property cooling measures, including an ABSD hike. And […]

    7 Spacious 3-Bedroom Condos Near MRT Under $1.5k PSF

    $1,725,000. That’s the median selling price for a 1,100-1,200 sqft leasehold condo in the city fringe […]

    Property Cooling Measures 2021: What’s the Impact?

    Close to midnight on 15 December 2021, the Singapore government announced cooling measures to soften the […]

    How to Sell HDB: 5 Lessons We Learned From Record-Breaking Flat Sales

    It’s no longer a rarity to see HDB flats transacted for above a million dollars – […]

    Hidden Gems: 6 Freehold Condos You May Have Overlooked

    Freehold condos are a popular choice among discerning buyers, especially those who see property as assets […]

    Neighborhood Guide for Hot-selling Areas: Bukit Panjang

    Mention “Bukit Panjang” to any foodie out there, Ke Kou Mian is the first thing in […]

    BTO vs Resale Property: Which One For You?

    Should I get a BTO or Resale property? This is a hot topic among property buyers […]

    How to spot a Good Class Bungalow in Singapore?

    What do companies like Grab, Secret Lab and TikTok have in common? Of late, there has […]

    Neighborhood Guide for Hot-selling Areas: Punggol

    Here is a little fun facts about Punggol! Did you know, it used to be home […]

    HDB Resale Application – Guide To Selling Your HDB Flat [2022 Version]

    Since the pandemic, we have been experiencing BTO delays in the range of 6 to 12 […]

    Neighborhood Guide for Hot-selling Areas: Yishun

    Remember those strange happenings back in Yishun a few years back which ranges from cat murder […]

    Singapore Property Market Outlook: Will Prices Still Increase In 2021?

    As we know, the Covid-19 pandemic had impacted the Singapore property market. The government restricted viewings […]

    Resale HDB selling at record $1 Million

    Where are the resale HDB selling over $1 million? There have been an increasing number of […]

    Success Story: HDB Sold In 6 Days Despite Ethnic Quota

    Uniquely in Singapore, when buying a HDB resale flat, you have to ensure that you are […]

    Want To Sell Your House Fast? Do An Open House

    You may have heard of the phrase “buyers’ market” being thrown around in conversations relating to […]

    7 Things to Know About ABSD for Your 2nd Property

    In March 2019, Singapore was announced the most expensive city in the world to live in […]

    Success Story: Sold HDB Resale Flat At Record Price

    Every homeowner’s dream is to sell their property (be it a HDB resale flat or private […]

    Success Story: How We Sold A Resale HDB Flat In 2 Days

    As a tech powered real estate agency, Bluenest prides ourselves on doing our best to meet […]

    Should I DIY or Engage A Property Agent To Sell My House?

    Selling a home today has never been easier. With the rise of Do-It-Yourself platforms like Carousell […]

    How Does Home Styling Affect Your Home Sale

    Home styling can be intimidating to many. When one thinks of home styling, they immediately associate […]

    Do These 3 Things To Sell Your Home Fast

    Has COVID-19 halted your plans to sell your home? Or have you just started to think […]

    Can Professional Photography Fetch You A Higher Price?

    “A picture is worth a thousand words” –  a term that was originated by a British […]

    COVID-19: Things You Can Do While Working From Home

    COVID-19: It’s been exactly a week since the Singapore government has issued a nationwide lockdown on […]

    5 Things To Note About COVID-19 and Singapore Real Estate Market

    On 3 April 2020, the Singapore government announced yet another round of safe distancing measures as […]

    Is It Worth Buying a Condo in Singapore?

    “Property is a good investment because it always goes up.” …does it really?

    What Happens to the HDB Flat If My Parents Pass Away Without a Will?

    The conversation that no one wants to have — what happens to the HDB flat after […]

    COVID-19 Virus: Should Homebuyers Be Worried?

    The COVID-19 virus pandemic has caused a dent in China’s $43 trillion property market as developer […]

    8 Home Loan Planning Tips Every Fresh Grad Should Know

    Graduating from college is liberating: it marks your first significant achievement into adulthood.

    The REAL Costs of Renting Out Your Home in Singapore

    Most Singaporeans think that renting out their flat or condo is an easy way of making […]

    5 Great CNY Games to Play with Your Kids At Home

    Chinese New Year (CNY) is a time of celebration, gathering with loved ones, and experiencing joyous […]

    4 Questions People Ask Property Agents During CNY Reunions

    Gong Xi Fa Cai! Chinese New Year 2020 is just around the corner. If you’ve got […]

    11 Easy DIY Home Hacks For Pre-CNY Prep

    CNY 2020 is right around the corner! But before you can start chowing down on pineapple […]

    8 Fun Chinese New Year (CNY) Traditions You Can Do in Your New Home

    Surely you’ve heard all the festive tunes playing in the malls, supermarkets, and just about every […]

    5 Renovations That Hurt Your Property Value in Singapore

    Imagine spending tens of thousands of dollars renovating your home. That should yield a positive ROI […]

    5 Mistakes People Make When Selling Property

    When selling property in Singapore, there are many important factors to consider if we want to […]

    159 Home Staging Tips to Sell Your House Fast

    Home staging doesn’t need to be a costly, complicated affair. Sure, you could go all out […]

    First Timer’s Guide to Buying HDB – BTO vs Resale

    Most of us in Singapore have spent our childhoods growing up in Housing Development Board (HDB) […]

    Option to Purchase: The Final Key to Selling Your HDB Flat

    First time selling your HDB flat? After finding a buyer and negotiating a satisfactory selling price, […]

    HDB Resale Application – All You Need to Know to Sell Your HDB Flat

    You’ve finally found a buyer for your HDB resale flat. Great! But now you’re wondering just […]

    The Expat’s 2022 Guide to the Types of Property in Singapore

    Considering moving to Singapore and making this sunny island your new home? You’re not alone – […]

    Marrying a Foreigner? You May Be Eligible for $40,000 in Grant

    Did you know that almost 1 in 3 people living in Singapore are neither citizens nor […]

    8 Things to Know About the Enhanced CPF Housing Grant

    First-time HDB buyers rejoice: the CPF Board’s latest Enhanced CPF Housing Grant has now made your […]

    The 2023 Guide to HDB Housing Grants (Updated!)

    In our conservative island-state, our housing regulations are skewed in favor of Singaporean citizens with a […]

    7 Myths About Property Agents Everyone Thinks Are True

    Looking to buy or sell a house? You’ll always encounter this individual. He or she will […]

    How to Calculate & Avoid Paying Seller Stamp Duty

    “You mean I have to pay stamp duty when selling my house?” The answer is yes. […]

    Loans for 2nd Property: 2 Keys to Watch For in 2022

    S$1,454. That’s the average cost of Singapore’s real estate per square foot. Now, that’s expensive. Not […]

    What Happens to Your HDB Flat After Divorce / Bankruptcy?

    Divorce and bankruptcy are two social taboos in Singapore. If these two topics come out in […]

    The Ultimate Home Loans Glossary

    Applying for home loans to purchase a property? You’ll be given a thick stack of paperwork […]

    Freehold vs Leasehold Singapore: 5 Reasons Freehold is Better

    Buying your first private property in Singapore is a milestone. It represents the level of comfort […]

    HDB Lease Buyback Scheme: A Practical Guide

    47%. That’s almost half the Singaporean population who will be 65 and above by 2050. It […]

    Freelancers: Here’s How to Secure a Larger Home Loan

    As a freelancer or self-employed individual, it can feel a little lonely when you’re applying for […]

    How Do I Check My Property Tax? [Singapore 2022 Guide]

    One thing the Singapore government has done right is to make it easy for us to […]

    Is It Worth It to Engage a Property Agent? (Pros and Cons)

    In 2010, only 11% of HDB owners sold their flats without the help of a property […]

    How to Apply for a BTO / Balance Flat [2022 Step-by-Step Guide]

    For any Singaporean man who’s gone through NS, applying for a BTO or balance flat feels […]

    HDB Resale Procedure 2022 [The Buyer’s Step-by-Step Guide]

    Resale HDB flats have several advantages over BTO flats. For one, you won’t have to wait […]

    2 Easy Steps to Get a Precise Valuation on Your Next Property

    At a seminar I attended recently, the speaker recounted a horror story his parents had gone […]

    The REAL Costs of Buying a Property in Singapore [2022 Guide]

    Buying a property is probably the single biggest purchase you’ll have to make in your life. […]

    HDB Loan vs Bank Loan: 3 Easy Keys to Help You Decide

    You’ve trawled through the HDB website, looked at various bank offerings, and are still undecided as […]

    How to Buy a House in Singapore: The First-Timer’s Guide to Financial Planning

    Let’s face it: living in Singapore is expensive. And we’re not just talking about cars. While […]

    What Kind of Property Can You Buy in Singapore? [Updated 2022]

    In the market for a new home in Singapore? Or thinking about moving out of your […]

    The Step-by-Step Guide to Sell Your Private Property [2022 Version]

    Singapore property prices are set to keep climbing in 2022 and as a property owner you […]

    10+ Traps to Avoid When Upgrading from an HDB [2022 Edition]

    A record of 261 million-dollar HDB flats sold in 2021 and you might be thinking if […]

    The Costs of Selling Your Property in Singapore [2022 Edition]

    Even though Singaporeans are generally risk-averse, most of us don’t have a gigantic wad of extra […]

    What To Do After You Secure A Tenant [Singapore Rental Guide]

    Just got an offer from a tenant? Congrats! You’re all set to generate a steady stream […]

    The Newbie Landlord’s Guide: How to Rent Out Your Condo

    So you’ve bought a condominium, and you intend to finance your monthly mortgage by renting the […]

    How Much To Charge When Renting Your Home/ Rental Yield

    So you’ve finally fulfilled your property’s MOP, and you can now rent out your property and […]

    Can I Rent Out My HDB Flat / Condo? [2022 Guide]

    Everyone loves the idea of passive income, and one of the easiest ways to generate a […]

    The Newbie Landlord’s Guide: How To Rent Out Your HDB Flat

    Decided that you want to rent out your HDB flat, but don’t know where to start? […]

    So You’ve Found a Buyer for Your Property. Now What?

    Congratulations! You’ve managed to find a buyer for your resale HDB or private property. You’ve gotten […]

    HDB Resale Timeline 2022: How to Sell Your HDB Flat [Step-by-Step]

    Maybe you’ve been living in that BTO flat for a while now & “coincidentally” you have […]

    3 Steps to Determine If You’re Ready to Sell Your House

    In land-scarce Singapore, selling your property is a huge step. But it’s challenging to figure out if […]

    10+ Tips to Increase Your Home Value – and Sell It FAST

    Maybe you’ve read the news articles on HDB resale flats going at sky high prices – […]

    How to Value & Price Your Property for Sale [ Full Guide On Property Valuation ]

    A lot goes into pricing your property for sale in Singapore. You don’t want to shortchange […]