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    Success Story: HDB Sold In 6 Days Despite Ethnic Quota

    Uniquely in Singapore, when buying a HDB resale flat, you have to ensure that you are […]

    Want To Sell Your House Fast? Do An Open House

    You may have heard of the phrase “buyers’ market” being thrown around in conversations relating to […]

    7 Things to Know About ABSD for Your 2nd Property

    In March 2019, Singapore was announced the most expensive city in the world to live in […]

    Success Story: Sold HDB Resale Flat At Record Price

    Every homeowner’s dream is to sell their property (be it a HDB resale flat or private […]

    Success Story: How We Sold A Resale HDB Flat In 2 Days

    As a tech powered real estate agency, Bluenest prides ourselves on doing our best to meet […]

    Should I DIY or Engage A Property Agent To Sell My House?

    Selling a home today has never been easier. With the rise of Do-It-Yourself platforms like Carousell […]

    How Does Home Styling Affect Your Home Sale

    Home styling can be intimidating to many. When one thinks of home styling, they immediately associate […]

    Do These 3 Things To Sell Your Home Fast

    Has COVID-19 halted your plans to sell your home? Or have you just started to think […]

    Can Professional Photography Fetch You A Higher Price?

    “A picture is worth a thousand words” –  a term that was originated by a British […]