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    Neighborhood Guide for Hot-selling Areas: Bukit Panjang

    Mention “Bukit Panjang” to any foodie out there, Ke Kou Mian is the first thing in […]

    BTO vs Resale Property: Which One For You?

    Should I get a BTO or Resale property? This is a hot topic among property buyers […]

    How to spot a Good Class Bungalow in Singapore?

    What do companies like Grab, Secret Lab and TikTok have in common? Of late, there has […]

    Neighborhood Guide for Hot-selling Areas: Punggol

    Here is a little fun facts about Punggol! Did you know, it used to be home […]

    HDB Resale Application – Guide To Selling Your HDB Flat [2021 Version]

    Yay! Now that you have issued your Option to Purchase (OTP) and secured yourself a buyer, […]

    Neighborhood Guide for Hot-selling Areas: Yishun

    Remember those strange happenings back in Yishun a few years back which ranges from cat murder […]

    Singapore Property Market Outlook: Will Prices Still Increase In 2021?

    As we know, the Covid-19 pandemic had impacted the Singapore property market. The government restricted viewings […]

    Resale HDB selling at record $1 Million

    Where are the resale HDB selling over $1 million? There have been an increasing number of […]

    Success Story: HDB Sold In 6 Days Despite Ethnic Quota

    Uniquely in Singapore, when buying a HDB resale flat, you have to ensure that you are […]