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Option to Purchase: The Final Key to Selling Your HDB Flat

hdb resale process

First time selling your HDB flat? After finding a buyer and negotiating a satisfactory sel...

HDB Resale Application - All You Need to Know to Sell Your HDB Flat

Selling Guide

You’ve finally found a buyer for your HDB flat. Great! But now you’re wondering just how t...

7 Myths About Property Agents Everyone Thinks Are True

Selling Guide

Looking to buy or sell a house? You’ll always encounter this individual. He or she will be...

How to Calculate & Avoid Paying Seller’s Stamp Duty

property for sale

“You mean I have to pay stamp duty when selling my house?” The answer is yes. Apart from y...

The Ultimate Home Loans Glossary

Selling Guide

Applying for home loans to purchase a property? You’ll be given a thick stack of paperwork...

HDB Lease Buyback Scheme: A Practical Guide

Selling Guide

47%. That’s almost half the Singaporean population who will be 65 and above by 2050. It ma...

Is It Worth It to Engage a Property Agent? (Pros and Cons)

Selling Guide

In 2010, only 11% of HDB owners sold their flats without the help of a property agent. By ...

The Step-by-Step Guide to Sell Your Private Property

property valuation report

Selling your private property isn’t nearly as complicated as selling an HDB flat. For one,...

The Costs of Selling Your Property in Singapore [2019 Edition]

hdb resale process

Even though Singaporeans are generally risk-averse, most of us don’t have a gigantic wad o...

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