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Singapore Property Market Outlook: Will Prices Still Increase In 2021?

As we know, the Covid-19 pandemic had impacted the Singapore property market. The government restricted viewings […]

Resale HDB selling at record $1 Million

Where are the resale HDB selling over $1 million? There have been an increasing number of […]

Success Story: HDB Sold In 6 Days Despite Ethnic Quota

Uniquely in Singapore, when buying a HDB resale flat, you have to ensure that you are […]

Want To Sell Your House Fast? Do An Open House

You may have heard of the phrase “buyers’ market” being thrown around in conversations relating to […]

Success Story: Sold HDB Resale Flat At Record Price

Every homeowner’s dream is to sell their property (be it a HDB resale flat or private […]

Success Story: How We Sold A Resale HDB Flat In 2 Days

As a tech powered real estate agency, Bluenest prides ourselves on doing our best to meet […]

Should I DIY or Engage A Property Agent To Sell My House?

Selling a home today has never been easier. With the rise of Do-It-Yourself platforms like Carousell […]

How Does Home Styling Affect Your Home Sale

Home styling can be intimidating to many. When one thinks of home styling, they immediately associate […]

Do These 3 Things To Sell Your Home Fast

Has COVID-19 halted your plans to sell your home? Or have you just started to think […]

Can Professional Photography Fetch You A Higher Price?

“A picture is worth a thousand words” –  a term that was originated by a British […]

COVID-19: Things You Can Do While Working From Home

COVID-19: It’s been exactly a week since the Singapore government has issued a nationwide lockdown on […]

5 Things To Note About COVID-19 and Singapore Real Estate Market

On 3 April 2020, the Singapore government announced yet another round of safe distancing measures as […]

What Happens to the HDB Flat If My Parents Pass Away Without a Will?

The conversation that no one wants to have — what happens to the HDB flat after […]

COVID-19 Virus: Should Homebuyers Be Worried?

The COVID-19 virus pandemic has caused a dent in China’s $43 trillion property market as developer […]

4 Questions People Ask Property Agents During CNY Reunions

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Chinese New Year 2020 is just around the corner. If you’ve got […]

5 Renovations That Hurt Your Property Value in Singapore

Imagine spending tens of thousands of dollars renovating your home. That should yield a positive ROI […]

5 Mistakes People Make When Selling Property

When selling property in Singapore, there are many important factors to consider if we want to […]

159 Home Staging Tips to Sell Your House Fast

Home staging doesn’t need to be a costly, complicated affair. Sure, you could go all out […]

Option to Purchase: The Final Key to Selling Your HDB Flat

First time selling your HDB flat? After finding a buyer and negotiating a satisfactory selling price, […]

HDB Resale Application – All You Need to Know to Sell Your HDB Flat

You’ve finally found a buyer for your HDB resale flat. Great! But now you’re wondering just […]

7 Myths About Property Agents Everyone Thinks Are True

Looking to buy or sell a house? You’ll always encounter this individual. He or she will […]

How to Calculate & Avoid Paying Seller Stamp Duty

“You mean I have to pay stamp duty when selling my house?” The answer is yes. […]

What Happens to Your HDB Flat After Divorce / Bankruptcy?

Divorce and bankruptcy are two social taboos in Singapore. If these two topics come out in […]

The Ultimate Home Loans Glossary

Applying for home loans to purchase a property? You’ll be given a thick stack of paperwork […]

HDB Lease Buyback Scheme: A Practical Guide

47%. That’s almost half the Singaporean population who will be 65 and above by 2050. It […]

How Do I Check My Property Tax? [Singapore 2022 Guide]

One thing the Singapore government has done right is to make it easy for us to […]

Is It Worth It to Engage a Property Agent? (Pros and Cons)

In 2010, only 11% of HDB owners sold their flats without the help of a property […]

The Step-by-Step Guide to Sell Your Private Property [2022 Version]

Singapore property prices are set to keep climbing in 2022 and as a property owner you […]

10+ Traps to Avoid When Upgrading from an HDB [2022 Edition]

A record of 261 million-dollar HDB flats sold in 2021 and you might be thinking if […]

The Costs of Selling Your Property in Singapore [2022 Edition]

Even though Singaporeans are generally risk-averse, most of us don’t have a gigantic wad of extra […]

So You’ve Found a Buyer for Your Property. Now What?

Congratulations! You’ve managed to find a buyer for your resale HDB or private property. You’ve gotten […]

HDB Resale Timeline 2022: How to Sell Your HDB Flat [Step-by-Step]

Maybe you’ve been living in that BTO flat for a while now & “coincidentally” you have […]

3 Steps to Determine If You’re Ready to Sell Your House

In land-scarce Singapore, selling your property is a huge step. But it’s challenging to figure out if […]

10+ Tips to Increase Your Home Value – and Sell It FAST

Maybe you’ve read the news articles on HDB resale flats going at sky high prices – […]

How to Value & Price Your Property for Sale [ Full Guide On Property Valuation ]

A lot goes into pricing your property for sale in Singapore. You don’t want to shortchange […]