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    12 Newly MOP’ed 4RM and 5RM HDBs for 2022 (Under 600k)

    This year, 58 BTO’s will be delayed by at least 6 months. That’s on top of […]

    The 2022 Guide to ABSD for Foreigners

    Given its stability and foreigner-friendly tax policies, Singapore has always held an appeal for those looking […]

    11 Freehold Properties Under $800K (Up to 5.66% Rental Yield)

    In the current economic backdrop, all investments feel like a risk. Property in Singapore, on the […]

    Singapore Property Market Outlook 2022: 6 Trends to Watch

    Just as we’re ending the first half of 2022, we’re seeing the highest inflation we’ve seen […]

    The 2022 Guide for Foreigners Buying Property in Singapore

    As the world opens up again, more investors are looking towards the Asia-Pacific for diversification, yield, […]

    Want to Sell Your Condo Fast? Here’s How Top Agents Do It.

    Few transactions are as weighty as selling your property.  The financial implications are large, there are […]

    How to Determine Market Rental Rates for Private Property (2022 Guide)

    March and April saw record-setting rental prices in Singapore. We had headlines like “Condo, HDB rental […]

    How to Buy Resale Private Property in Singapore [2022 Guide]

    Editor’s Note, May 2022: We’ve updated the article to ensure links are still relevant.   With […]

    Extension of Stay HDB: Traps to Avoid to Protect Both Sides

    An extension of stay can help sellers transition to their new homes more smoothly, but many […]