$1,725,000. That’s the median selling price for a 1,100-1,200 sqft leasehold condo in the city fringe (about 1,437-1,568 $psf) – and it seems to be inching upwards relentlessly.

Still, ample bedrooms and a safe walking distance from an MRT are essential for families with children, or perhaps the more eco-conscious. That’s why we went on a search for properties that offer good value while still prioritising convenience.

We’ve curated 7 spacious 3-bedroom condos near MRT (within about a 5-min walk), taking note of their average $psf compared with that of the surrounding neighbourhood:

  1. High Oak Condominium (Beauty World)
  2. Queens (Queenstown)
  3. The Terrace (Punggol)
  4. Changi Green (Upper Changi)
  5. Changi Court (Upper Changi)
  6. Glendale Park (Hillview)
  7. The Clearwater (Bedok Reservoir)

1. High Oak Condo (Toh Tuck / Beauty World)

High Oak Condo

A District 21 property with a median transacted price of $1,151 psf (3 bedrooms) in the past year. New developments in District 21 have seen the greatest price increases. The median transacted $psf for the past 5-10 years is $1,527, while the median transacted $psf for upcoming developments is $1,983 (+29.9%).

High Oak Condo is a relatively small development with just 194 units. A 4-storey development, High Oak has 3-bedroom units ranging from 1,184 sqft to 1,689 sqft, with the ground-floor units including a patio that can be as large as 200 sqft and offering direct access to the gardens.

There’s a fairly high degree of variance in unit layouts, with some units having corridors or living/dining rooms that may feel narrow. We recommend visiting a variety of units within the size range you’re looking for as some layouts may be more suited for your needs than others.

High Oak Condo: Map

At 580 metres from the nearest MRT, High Oak has the longest walking distance on our list. We did consider not including it, but we felt that the walk to Beauty World MRT (along the well-known Lor Kilat) had so many popular F&B establishments (Cowpresso Coffee and Udders Ice Cream, to name a couple) that many families wouldn’t mind. 

  • Distance from MRT: 580m (DT5 Beauty World MRT)
  • Developer: High Oak Properties Pte Ltd
  • Total Units: 194
  • Total Floors: 4
  • Tenure: 99-year Leasehold
  • TOP: 1996
  • 3-bedroom Floor Size(s): 1,184 – 1,689 sqft

2. Queens Condo (Queenstown)

Queens Condo (Queenstown)

A District 3 property with a median transacted price of $1,393 psf (3 bedrooms) in the past year. In comparison, the District 3 median for the past 5 years is $1,966 psf. In the last year alone, transacted $psf for non-landed properties in the area has increased from $2,011 to $2,393 (+19%).

Sandwiched between Stirling Residences and Commonwealth Towers, Queens stands in stark contrast to the newly-built condos. You’ll find that for the same (or lower) quantum, Queens offers larger living spaces with minimal wasted square footage.

3-bedroom units range from 1,184 to 1,410 sqft, with expansive living/dining room layouts that can be extended to include an open kitchen. There are no balconies here – instead, you get full use of the space for indoor purposes. All of the bedrooms are big enough to accommodate a Queen bed and study desk. Tucked behind the kitchen, the utility room comes with an attached WC and can become a room for the helper if needed.

Although a 20-year-old development, Queens is well-maintained and has one of the largest swimming pools in the area. Amenities include a driving range, putting green, a gym, basketball and tennis courts, and an air-conditioned badminton hall.

  • Distance from MRT: 220m (EW19 Queenstown MRT)
  • Developer: Allgreen Properties Limited
  • Total Units: 722
  • Total Floors: 38
  • Tenure: 99-year Leasehold
  • TOP: 1998
  • 3-bedroom Floor Size(s): 1,184 – 1,410 sqft

3. The Terrace (Punggol)

The Terrace (Punggol) EC

A District 19 property with a median transacted price of $1,017 psf (3 bedrooms) in the past year. In comparison, the District 19 median for the past 5 years is $1,385 psf. In the past 10 years, transacted $psf for non-landed properties in the area has increased from $1,211 to $1,483 (+22.5%).

The Terrace is an Executive Condominium (EC), so HDB’s rules apply. TOP in 2017, only Singapore Citizens and PRs can buy it from the resale market this year. From 2027 onwards, it’ll be considered privatised and available to foreign buyers. That said since it’s an EC that’s barely 5 years old, the median $psf is far lower than what you’ll find with private condos.

The Terrace comes in 3, 4 and 5-bedroom units, with the 3-bedder coming in 3 sizes. We find the layout for the 1,173 sqft 3-bedder to be ideal, with rectangular room layouts and minimal dead space.

The Terrace Punggol - 3 Bedroom Premium Floor Plan

If you need additional space, the 4-bedders come in 1,313 and 1,442 sqft units with two en-suite bathrooms as well as one shared bathroom. Plenty of living space for a multi-generational household or for one with 3 or more children.

Both 3- and 4-bedroom units come with a generous balcony that extends from the living and dining room: a great opportunity to create a living room that straddles both indoor comforts and outdoor airiness.  With unimpeded views of the Punggol Waterway, it’s a perfect setup for those who enjoy natural light and plenty of ventilation.

There are many parks and activity & amusement centres for children in the neighbourhood, with the Kadaloor MRT just 197 metres away. This is a development that offers convenience without the congestion and busy-ness of the city centre. 

  • Distance from MRT: 197m from PE5 Kadaloor LRT
  • Developer: Peak Square Pte Ltd
  • Total Units: 747 (12 Towers)
  • Total Floors: 17
  • Tenure: 99-year Leasehold (EC)
  • TOP: 2017
  • 3-bedroom Floor Size(s): 1,001 sqft, 1,076 sqft, 1,173 sqft
  • 4-bedroom Floor Size(s): 1,313 sqft, 1442 sqft

4. Changi Green (Upper Changi)

Changi Green Condo

A District 16 freehold with a median transacted price of $1,090 psf (3 bedrooms) in the past year. In comparison, the District 16 median for the past 5-10 years is $1,427 psf for freehold properties.

The 3-bedders at Changi Green have a practical layout that prioritises functional living areas. Rooms are rectangular and transition spaces are well thought out, minimising dead space. The living and dining rooms are generously proportioned and full of natural light through large windows.

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At 1,334 square feet, Changi Green has some of the more spacious 3-bedders.

Because it’s a slightly older place (TOP 1998), the development comes with classic stylings, including tiled shared and common spaces and wooden flooring in the bedrooms. Other than that, Changi Green comes with a full suite of facilities that include a multi-purpose hall with wooden floors – perfect for a game of badminton with the family. 

  • Distance from MRT: 500m (DT34 Upper Changi)
  • Developer: Allgreen Properties Limited
  • Total Units: 256
  • Total Floors: 10
  • Tenure: Freehold
  • TOP: 1998
  • 3-bedroom Floor Size: 1,334 sqft

5. Changi Court (Upper Changi)

Changi Court

Like Changi Green, Changi Court is a District 16 freehold property. The 3-bedroom units have a median transacted price of $1,136 psf for the past year, compared to the district median of $1,427 psf.

Changi Court was also developed by Allgreen Properties Limited, and they share many of the same design principles and aesthetics.

The 3-bedroom units are a bit smaller than Changi Green in two layouts: 1,098 sqft and 1,184 sqft. However, at the time of writing, some of the 1,300+ sqft 4-bedroom units are priced at <$1,200 psf, making them even more affordable than some of the 3-bedders at Changi Green. This is advantageous for family units that require more separated living spaces at a competitive price.

Changi Court also comes with a full set of amenities, including tennis courts, swimming and wading pools, a gym, and a sauna.

Changi Court is located just 250 metres from DT34 Upper Changi MRT station and 4 kilometres from the airport. 

  • Distance from MRT: 250m (DT34 Upper Changi MRT)
  • Developer: Allgreen Properties Limited
  • Total Units: 297
  • Total Floors: 10
  • Tenure: Freehold
  • TOP: 1997
  • 3-bedroom Floor Size: 1,098 – 1,184 sqft

6. Glendale Park (Hillview)

Glendale Park Condo

A District 23 freehold with a median transacted price of $1,422 psf (3 bedrooms) in the past year. New developments here have seen the greatest price increases: the median transacted price for up-and-coming freehold properties is $1,628 psf.

The 3-bedroom units at Glendale Park are some of the more spacious units, ranging from 1,216  to 1,668 sqft. There is plenty of greenery and natural light, highlighted by floor to ceiling windows throughout the unit. Although only 20 years old, styling and aesthetics may feel a bit dated, and most of the listed units would benefit from some light renovation.

Glendale Park has full resort-style amenities and recreational facilities, with three tennis courts (2 hard and 1 soft). Adding to the resort-style ambience are several different water features, pavilions, and picnic / BBQ areas. 

The development is just a couple hundred metres from Hillview MRT station and the Hillview Park Connector. Perfect for those who prefer to take public transport or go for runs/walks surrounded by greenery.

  • Distance from MRT: 210m (DT3 Hillview MRT)
  • Developer: Hill Grove Realty Limited
  • Total Units: 448
  • Total Floors: 10
  • Tenure: Freehold
  • TOP: 2000
  • 3-bedroom Floor Size: 1,216 – 1,668 sqft

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7. The Clearwater (Bedok Reservoir)

The Clearwater Condo

A District 16 property with a median transacted price of $1,084 psf (3 bedrooms) in the past year. In comparison, the District 16 median for the past 5 years is $1,476 psf for 99-year leaseholds.

The Clearwater has a wide range of 3-bedroom units from 1,195 sqft all the way to 1,916 sqft (some of the largest 3-bedroom units we’ve seen). Layouts are practical with rectangular rooms and living/dining configurations that maximise customisable space without impeding the flow of daily activities.

Although the development is 20 years old, a number of listed units have undergone extensive renovations with premium materials.

The Clearwater is just across the road from Bedok Reservoir and boasts unblocked views of the lush greenery while being just 220 metres from Bedok Reservoir MRT station.

  • Distance from MRT: 220m (DT30 Bedok Reservoir MRT)
  • Developer: Pidemco Land Ltd
  • Total Units: 420
  • Total Floors: 18
  • Tenure: 99-year Leasehold
  • TOP: 2001
  • 3-bedroom Floor Size(s): 1,195 – 1,916 sqft
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