You’ve finally found a buyer for your HDB resale flat. Great! But now you’re wondering just how to proceed from here. Once the Option to Purchase (OTP) between you and the buyer is signed, you’ve awarded them the exclusive right to purchase your property from you. But that’s not the end of the paperwork – it’s where your HDB resale application starts.

If you’re confused about what documents to fill out, how much in fees to pay, and how long all of that might take, then you’ve come to the right address. Below we’ll outline in detail what you need to know about your HDB resale application.


1. What is the HDB Resale Application?

As the name suggests, this is what you’ll officially submit to HDB when you want to sell your flat in Singapore. It’s one of the final steps of the HDB resale process and can be completed via the HDB Resale Portal.

You’ll need about 15-30 minutes to complete the application. But don’t worry if you’re interrupted in between: you can save your application as a draft and then continue filling it out later on.


2. What documents are needed for the HDB Resale Application?


HDB may require soft copies of the following:

  • NRIC
  • Passport and Re-Entry Permit (if you’re a Singapore PR)
  • Wife’s/Husband’s endorsement on the Resale Application Form, or the Spouse Consent to Resale form if he/she is not a joint-owner
  • Death certificate of seller, if applicable
  • Power of Attorney or Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA), if applicable
  • Option to Purchase (you’ll need details like the serial #, OTP grant/exercise date, purchase price, Option Fee, and Option Exercise Fee)
  • Deed of Separation / Divorce Certificate (or similar), if the resale is a result of such and both partners were owners
  • A letter of consent from the Official Assignee (applicable if selling flat after bankruptcy filing)

Your buyer will also have a number of documents to submit on their end, such as their personal income documents and HLE letter. 

Once you’ve submitted your HDB Resale Application, remind the buyer to submit theirs within 7 calendar days. If you fail to do so, the application will lapse and you’ll lose your application fee!

*Note: If you’re using the proceeds from the sale of this HDB to buy a new flat, you’ll need to indicate that you’re applying for the Enhanced Contra Facility on the HDB Resale Application.


3. What are the Resale Application fees?

Both you and your buyer will each have to pay an administrative fee when submitting the Resale Application. The exact amount differs depending on the size of the flat:

  • 1 and 2-room HDB flat: $40 
  • 3-room or bigger HDB flat: $80

You can pay via Visa / Mastercard on the HDB Resale Portal.

After you’ve paid up, HDB will send you an SMS within 10 working days. This message will either inform you that they’ve accepted your application or that you’ve missed something out. HDB’s official acceptance marks the beginning of the 8-week processing time.

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4. What do I need to do after submitting my HDB Resale Application?

During the 8-week processing time, you’ll have a number of tasks to clear:

  • Acknowledge and endorse documents within 6 days (HDB will send you an SMS informing you when the documents are ready)
  • Pay all the legal fees online (Visa/Mastercard)
  • Schedule a date for HDB’s inspection
  • Schedule a date for the Resale Completion Appointment
  • Get HDB’s in-principle approval for the resale (usually within 2 weeks after both sides have endorsed the documents)
  • Move out of the HDB flat completely
  • Pass HDB’s inspections
  • Invite buyer to inspect the flat for vacant possession
  • Attend the Resale Completion Appointment

You’ll find a more detailed HDB resale timeline here. Throughout the 8-week timeframe, both you and the buyer can login to the HDB resale portal and check on your application status at any time. 


5. Can I cancel my HDB Resale Application?

Yes, if you’ve changed your mind about selling your flat. However, you may need the buyer’s consent if you’re doing it later on in the 8-week timeframe — and bear in mind that the OTP is a legally-binding contract that you’ll have to privately settle.

If you’re sure you want to cancel your HDB Resale Application, write in to HDB to do so.

Here are the possible scenarios in which the application might be canceled:

  • The resale was aborted or not approved by the HDB (potentially due to incorrect information in the resale application by either the seller or buyer)
  • Both buyer and seller mutually agree to withdraw the application (needs to be done by giving HDB notice in writing)
  • The buyer has insufficient funds to purchase the flat
  • Either the buyers or sellers are not eligible to submit the application under the prevailing HDB policies (e.g., buyer doesn’t meet any eligibility schemes)


6. When is the HDB resale procedure complete?

Assuming all the documents have been approved and the financing has come through, you’ll then have to attend the Resale Completion Appointment with an HDB representative – even if you’ve engaged an HDB solicitor to act for you. However, a private solicitor can attend this appointment on your behalf.

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The date of the appointment is usually around 8 weeks after the resale application has been accepted. Both seller and buyer will be notified via SMS about the exact date and time.


The HDB resale procedure may seem long at first glance, but in most cases isn’t as painful as it sounds. You can complete the entire process within 6 months, and most steps can be done online.

However, if you have more questions about the resale process, you can take part in an HDB resale seminar or schedule a consultation with a Bluenest advisor for free.


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