COVID-19: It’s been exactly a week since the Singapore government has issued a nationwide lockdown on non-essential services on 7th April. Many companies have been forced to operate remotely and to telecommute. There have been mixed reactions about productivity and engagement regarding work from home, how have you been coping so far? 

Likewise in the property market, it is sad to know that, real estate works are not categorised as an essential service and all physical interactions have to be postponed until after 4 May 2020. In line with this, we have rolled out the following initiatives to continue to stay connected with you.

#1 Personalized Chat with our Top Agent

If you are looking for advice on real estate, what could be better and safer than having a personalized 1 to 1 video chat with our top property agent. Joreen Lim is our seasoned property agent who has transacted over 600 properties since 2008. She specializes in residential properties and is adept at resolving complex queries for clients.

During this chat, we will run through key topics such as



#2 Recorded Q&A Sessions with our Real Estate Expert

In each session, we will tackle commonly asked questions about Bluenest and the real estate market in Singapore. Our real estate expert will also walk you through on tips and techniques we adapt at Bluenest to help you achieve your objectives.

and many more…

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#3 Exclusive 60 seconds with Bluenest

We have chunked the heavy topics into small bits so that you can watch on the go. This is our exclusive content where we answer tough questions under a minute!

Is Bluenest New in the Market?

Who is Bluenest & What Do We Do


In these challenging times, it is important that we do our utmost best to stay safe, and do our part to combat the outbreak. Here’s how you can fight COVID-19 at home!

Stay at home, as much as possible

The spike in the last 2 weeks have been very alarming, and the best way to slow it down is to remove any chance for the virus to spread.

If you absolutely have to leave home, please put on a mask, and adhere to all social distancing measures that have been put in place

The fines that have been put in place should be the highest deterrent, and we don’t wish for it to escalate any further.

Eat healthy, drink lots of water and rest sufficiently during this COVID-19 pandemic

This is perhaps the best opportunity for us to wind down and to start taking better care of ourselves. You would still want to be in shape to enjoy life after the COVID scare is over.


We hope that all the initiatives mentioned above will help you tide you through this COVID-19 pandemic. That said, we at Bluenest are still working to serve all your property needs, and you can always reach out to us via email ( or call us (+65 8800 0109).

Stay tuned for more amazing content coming out over the coming weeks!

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