Mention “Bukit Panjang” to any foodie out there, Ke Kou Mian is the first thing in their mind. And now try saying that to a property agent, they will tell you “Confirm Sell!”

What makes Bukit Panjang so sellable? Why is there such a demand for units over there? Before that, let’s talk a little bit more about the estate itself. 

Located in the western part of Singapore, Bukit Panjang actually means long hill in Malay due to its long hills and lush vegetation. What started out as a place for agriculture, Bukit Panjang has become a place for nature lovers. 

The number 10 is quite synonymous with the estate. It was commonly known as ten mile or chap kok in Hokkien. The Chinese locals back in the day identified different estates by numbers and Bukit Panjang was the number 10.  Hence, Ten Mile LRT Station and Junction 10 Shopping Mall are located in Bukit Panjang itself.  

However, the question still remains, what makes Bukit Panjang such a popular location for homeowners?

1. Connectivity 

Convenience is one of the key motivating factors for home seekers out there. Ever since the opening of the Bukit Panjang MRT station in 2015, commuting for work or leisure have been reduced rather significantly. There is even a bus that brings you to Orchard in just six bus stops. (Hint: Refer to the image below)


Image Credits: TheSmartLocal

Furthermore, it is one of the few neighborhoods that have the Light Rapid Transit (LRT) train stations within the estate itself. Travelling within the estate to get your favourite food would not be such a hassle. 


2. Education 

Like every kiasu Singaporean parent, education is a priority. They will be spoilt for choices choosing a primary school for their kids. Furthermore, the western region has the most higher education institution in Singapore. (NUS, NTU, Singapore Polytechnic – just to name a few)


3. Amenities 

The estate may have good connectivity within the island coupled with good schools,  but if it lacks the amenities for leisure and recreation, it would definitely lose its edge over other neighboring estates.

Bukit Panjang is probably one of the very few estates where you are able to enjoy the beauty of many nature parks and shopping centres within the same day. It is home to many nature parks and one of the few places that have a quarry within an estate itself.

Image Credits: Garden and Landscape Centre


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