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5 Mistakes People Make When Selling Their Homes

hdb resale process

When selling a property in Singapore, there are many important factors to consider if we w...

Option to Purchase: The Final Key to Selling Your HDB Flat

hdb resale process

First time selling your HDB flat? After finding a buyer and negotiating a satisfactory sel...

Marrying a Foreigner? You May Be Eligible for $40,000 in Grants

hdb resale process

Did you know that almost 1 in 3 people living in Singapore are neither citizens nor PRs? I...

8 Things to Know About the Enhanced CPF Housing Grant

hdb resale process

First-time HDB buyers rejoice: the CPF Board’s latest Enhanced CPF Housing Grant has now m...

10+ Traps to Avoid When Upgrading from an HDB [2019 Edition]

hdb resale process

Maybe your family has outgrown that starter BTO flat and you’re now looking to trade up fo...

The Costs of Selling Your Property in Singapore [2019 Edition]

hdb resale process

Even though Singaporeans are generally risk-averse, most of us don’t have a gigantic wad o...

So You’ve Found a Buyer for Your Property. Now What?

hdb resale process

Congratulations! You’ve managed to find a buyer for your resale HDB or private property. Y...

HDB Resale Timeline 2019: How to Sell Your HDB Flat [Step-by-Step]

hdb for sale

Maybe you’ve been living in that BTO flat for a while now. You’re doing well financially, ...

10+ Tips to Increase Your Property’s Value – and Sell It FAST

property for sale

Maybe you’ve read the news articles on HDB resale flats going at sky high prices – some ev...

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